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Valley of Fire 2016 Run March 12th
6T5 - 2-22-2016 at 06:21 PM

How about one of these runs to get the ball rollin!!:burn:

Classics And Rods will be hitting Valley of Fire Saturday, March 12th. Final details in the comments as they develop. Meanwhile, check out shots from years past on our photos page!

Adam - 2-28-2016 at 03:45 PM

In the past we would meet at the Pilot on Craig and I-15 at about 9:45. At about 10:00, we head out for VoF and stake out a spot - I know Dan had an idea or two outside our normal spot. For the Henderson folks, we can still hit Friendly donuts at 7 and figure a time to leave and head up to Pilot.

The picnic will be a potluck style bbq, nothing will be club funded.

*Anyone is welcome to join us!
*Bring some cash for the fee getting into the park. I donít know the price Ė but be ready to hand some over
*Bring a camera, if you want some nice pics of your car.

Adam - 3-11-2016 at 08:25 AM

Final detail here:

On Saturday, March 12, 2016, we are meeting at Friendly Donuts at 7:00 am. Plan on leaving around 8:00 am, taking I-15, to bypass both the entrance fee for Lake Mead AND Valley of Fire (two seperate parks). BUT, when entering the Valley of Fire, there is a fee of $8 for Nevada residents. When coming home, take the Lake Mead route into Henderson, there is no fee.